What you need to know about Catalytic Converter Theft and Prevention

There has been an increase in catalytic converter thefts throughout San Diego County and Oceanside. These crimes often occur in neighborhoods near main thoroughfares, commercial establishments and secluded public parking areas.
Catalytic converters contain precious metals that can fetch a high price and the thefts are expected to grow by 30% in the next two years.
Here's what you can do to protect your vehicle:
•Park in a garage or well lit area if a garage is not available.
• Park near building entrances or in high traffic areas.
• Have your catalytic converter welded to your car.
• Calibrate your vehicle security system to detect vibration.
• Purchase cameras that clearly capture where you park.
• Purchase a security device for your catalytic converter. “Cat Strap” and “Cat Clamp” devices both cost less than $200.
•Stay vigilant and report suspicious activity

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