Domestic Violence Prevention

The Oceanside Police Department encourages you to call your local police department or counseling center if you or a loved one is involved in an abusive relationship. To reach the Oceanside Police Department, call (760) 435-4900. If you are violent with others, admit that you have a problem and ask for help.

The Department's Family Protection Unit takes domestic violence seriously. It hurts everyone inside the family and throughout the community and is reported in families from all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Rich, poor, young and old, victims struggle with the same emotions and fears. Victims are provided information on available resources and contacts so that they may facilitate their removal from these dangerous situations.

Gael Strack, San Diego Assistant City Attorney has been quoted as saying, "Oceanside and Chula Vista are among the exemplary law enforcement agencies when it comes to handling domestic violence cases."

You may be in a battering relationship if you:

  • Are frightened of your partner's temper
  • Agree to situations because you are afraid to hurt your partner's feelings or are afraid of your partner's anger
  • Don't want to abandon your partner because he/she is troubled or he/she needs you to get along
  • Find yourself apologizing to yourself and others for your partner's behavior when you are treated badly
  • Have been hit, kicked, shoved or had objects thrown at you by your partner when jealous or angry
  • Choose friends and activities based on how your partner will react

You may be a batterer if you:

  • Are suspicious of your partner when he/she leaves home
  • Get very angry very quickly
  • Criticize or find fault with your partner a lot
  • Have difficulty expressing your feelings
  • Drink heavily or use drugs
  • Feel the need to protect your partner to the extent that you want to make decisions regarding his/her behavior and decisions
  • Have broken or thrown objects in anger, especially if thrown at your partner

Feel free to download our Domestic Violence pamphlet:

Domestic Violence Pamphlet - English

Domestic Violence Pamphlet - Spanish

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Important Family Protection Resource Phone Numbers

Child Abuse Hotline *24 hours 1-800- 344-6000
National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800- 799-7233 (SAFE)
Missing Children Hotline 1-800-222-FIND
Runaway Hotline 1-800-843-5200
We Tip-San Diego 1-800-783-7463
Community Resource Center 633-1111
Adult Protective Services 1-800-523-6444
Crisis Team *24 hours (Mental Health) 1-619-236-3339
Woman's Resource Center 757-3500
Community Resource Center 633-1111
Community Mental Health 967-4475
United Way Info Line 943-0997
Turning Point 941-2800
Crisis Assistance/Suicide Hotline 1-800-521-6444
Social Services Public Inquiry Unit 1-619-557-0422
Alcoholics Anonymous 758-2514
Camp Pendleton (SACO) 725-4381
M. I. T. E. 721-2781
Casa de Amparo 754-5500
Child Protective Services/County of San Diego 1-800-344-6000
MAAC Project Head Start 471-4210
Child Care Resource Services 471-2751
YMCA OZ, North Coast 721-8930
District Attorney's Office 806-4004
District Attorney’s Family Protection Unit 806-4004
Victim/Witness Assistance Office 806-4079
District Attorney' Office (Downtown San Diego) 1-619-531-4345
Clerk of the Superior Court –Vista 726-9595
Restraining Orders - Info/Vista Court 726-9595
S. D. S. O. Vista - Booking 940-4473
S. D. S. O. Vista - Information 940-4473
Women's Resource Center 757-3500
Community Resource Center 633-1111
Battered Women's Services 1-619-234-3164
Center For Community Solutions 1-858-272-5777
North County Service Center 721-2117
Women's Resource Center 757-3500
Community Resource Center 633-1111
San Luis Rey (Parish Center) 757-3250 EXT-314
Women's Resource Center 757-3500
Community Resource Center 633-1111
MAAC Project Headstart 1-619-471-4210
Lifeline 726-4900
Oceanside (Counseling) 757-0118
Camp Pendleton Social Services 725-1318
Camp Pendleton Family Service Center 725-6352
Family Recovery Center (EYE) 439-6702
AL-ANON 1-800-690-2666
EMERGENCY (All Jurisdictions) 911
Oceanside Police Department 435-4900
Carlsbad Police Department 931-2197
San Diego Sheriff's Department 1-858-974-2222
Encinitas 753-1252
Vista 940-4561
San Marcos 736-2140
Fallbrook/Bonsall 723-6050
All Others 758-6301
Vista Detention Facility 940-4473
Las Colinas Detention Facility 1-619-258-3176