Gang Awareness

Warning Signs of Gang Involvement

  • Abrupt changes in your child's selection of friends
  • Changing pattern in dress such as wearing the same color combination all the time
  • Gang symbols on books or clothing
  • Secrecy about activities
  • Possessing unexplained, relatively large sums of money
  • Sudden changes in behavior, including a diminishing interest in the family and school, and staying out without good reason
  • Problems with the police

If you notice these patterns, get help. Contact the school counselor or the Gang Crimes Unit of your Police Department, 760-435-4264. Unit staff may be able to help you find counseling and tell you how to help your child. Contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 760-435-4543 for a list of resources.

Protecting Your Child from Gang Involvement

  • Supervise your children's activities and know their friends.
  • Discourage your children from hanging around with gang members.
  • Make sure you know how your children are spending their free time.
  • Check up on your children occasionally to make sure they are doing what they say they are doing.
  • Do not allow your children to stay out late or spend a lot of unsupervised time out in the streets.
  • Get your children involved in supervised, positive group activities.
  • Develop good communication with your children and take the time to listen to what your child is telling you. Make no topic off limits.
  • Spend positive time with your children and regularly praise and encourage them, to support them emotionally.
  • Become involved in your children's education.