Oceanside Youth Partnership


OYP Purpose
OYP is a character building and mentoring program designed for teenage youth.  The 12-week program aims to reduce juvenile delinquency, lower recidivism, and offer alternatives to street gangs, substance abuse, and a life trapped in the criminal justice system.  Each week the lesson plan focuses on a different value such as Personal Responsibility, Ethics, Service, Perseverance, Education, Courage, Trustworthiness, and Discipline.  Additionally, the program is used as a means to developing meaningful relationships between youth and the Police Officers in their community.

OYP Process
Participants are selected from referrals received through partnering organizations.  These organizations include the North Coastal Health & Human Services Agency, OUSD, the City of Oceanside Neighborhood Services, Oceanside Boys & Girls Club and other community partners.   Once referred, individuals go through a selection process that includes a personal interview and a parent interview.  If deemed fit, the individual is selected to participate in the program.

OYP Mission Statement
Our mission is to build meaningful relationships with the youth of Oceanside that will inspire and guide them towards positive life choices.  

OYP Vision Statement
Working with our community partners, OYP will provide mentor-ship and life skills to the youth of Oceanside that will better prepare them to live productive lives.  

OYP Contact Information
Lieutenant Taurino Valdovinos
(760) 435-4716


Do you know an Oceanside youth who would benefit from mentoring from law enforcement officers? Please fill out an OYP Referral Form and email it to tvaldovinos@oceansideca.org