Personal/ Property/ Commercial Safety

We welcome visitors to Oceanside and want everyone to be safe and enjoy their time here on the beaches or at the many great attractions this City has to offer.

Here are some safety tips for visitors and residents:

KNOW YOUR POLICE RESOURCES. For crime prevention information, contact our Crime Prevention Specialist at (760) 435-4440 or stop into the Oceanside Police Department at 3855 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, California 92058 for help in person. Information is available at resource centers which are conveniently located throughout the City. (See Resource Centers under General Information).

ROAD TRAVELS. No matter where you are traveling, become familiar with your travel route. Carry maps with you at all times and keep your car doors locked. Park in well-lighted areas for added security and never pick up hitchhikers. If in a traffic accident, do not exit your vehicle right away. Instead, get out of busy traffic and into a well-lighted area or go to the police station.

PERSONAL PROPERTY AND SECURITY. When carrying money, carry small quantities and keep it in your pocket or a money pouch secured under your clothes. At the beach, never leave valuables such as your wallet, keys or portable stereos unattended. Also, never presume that the glove compartment of your vehicle is safe. Remove valuables from your vehicle if leaving it unattended for extended time periods.


In working with the community to find effective crime-prevention measures, our goal is to also provide practical methods for the business community to reduce and deter crime. We offer basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Evaluations upon request for businesses and facilities experiencing issues related to calls for service.


If you would like additional information, have comments, or need police assistance, please call us at (760) 435-4900.