Buccaneer (1500 South Pacific Street)

Barely 150 feet wide, Buccaneer Beach is more like a sandy break in the monolithic wall of condos that separates Pacific Street from the Oceanside breakers. you'll find this family beach filled with the sun worshipers working on their tans. Buccaneer Park has a great lawn, restroom and a shaded gazebo.

South Oceanside (South Pacific Street)

South Oceanside Beach offers only hard-packed sand, swallowed by the waves at high tide.

Oceanside (301 N. The Strand)

The Oceanside Pier is ground zero for beach activities and, in many ways, the heart of the community. Refurbished in 1987, the pier extends about a quarter of a mile into the water. Anglers crowd the edges of the wide deck, experiencing degrees of success and sunburn. Ruby's, a '50s-style diner, sits at the end. At the opposite end of the pier, a sloping and wheelchair unfriendly ramp takes you down to beach level. Chow down at a forest of umbrella tables and grassy spots in the shade of the pier. The main street along the shore is called, simply, The Strand. The concrete strip welcomes cars, bikes, and pedestrians. The wide, sandy beach to the west is considerably more appealing. The palm-lined four mile beach is a multicultural mix of families, teens, bodyboarders and surfers.

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