Oceanside Pier

The Oceanside Pier is one of the most popular places in the City, allowing people to fish, take a leisurely stroll, and view the spectacular coastline.   A stroll on the Pier is a beautiful, fun, free activity for all.  Bring a jacket, it can get breezy out over the water!  There is street and lot parking nearby.  Bring a quarter for a look through the Pier's iconic art deco style 10 power standing binoculars.








Just below the entrance to the Pier is the Junior Seau Beach Amphitheater, host to various exciting musical and cultural performances throughout the year.  Adjacent to the Amphitheater, you'll find a spot to grab a bite or a snack.


Also below the Pier is the Oceanside Lifeguard Headquarters.  You can borrow a sand-friendly beach wheelchair at the Lifeguard Headquarters by simply leaving your I.D. with them while you have the chair.  First come first served!  

The Pier is the backdrop for some great Oceanside events,  including concerts, surf competitions, Iron Man, Race Across America, and it's within walking distance to the Farmer’s and Sunset Markets.

If you are a wildlife lover, the Oceanside Pier is a great place to see seagulls, pelicans, dolphins, sting rays, and the occasional sea lion swim by.  


Beachfront Improvement Project

Beachfront improvements are scheduled to began in early 2020.  The 1930's era beach restroom in the plaza adjacent to the Pier will be remodeled to serve as a new Police Department Substation.  A new, wider staircase will be constructed with a landscaped viewing area.  The existing sewer lift station will be reconstructed.  The plaza under the Pier will be beautifully remodeled.  A new building will be constructed to include new restrooms and inviting storefront areas.  A small service building will house pumps and controls for the sewer lift station and beach cleaning equipment.  Construction is anticipated to take 18 months to complete.  View renderings

Fun Facts About Oceanside Pier

  • Oceanside has had six piers. The first Oceanside Pier was built in 1888 at the end of what is now Wisconsin Ave.  
  • The first pier was made entirely of wood and all but 300 feet of it was destroyed in a storm in December 1890. 
  • The next five piers were built on the site where you'll find the current pier at the end of Pier View Way. 
  • Oceanside's second pier was built in 1894 and was called, "the little iron wharf" as the piling were made of iron.
  • In 1987, Oceanside built its sixth and current pier.
  • The Pier is 1,954 feet long, making it one of the longest piers on the west coast.