CHP Biennial Inspection of Terminals (BIT)

CHP LogoSince 1999 Fleet has consistently received the highest rating presented by CHP for the BIT (Biennial Inspection Terminal) program indicating both our commitment to highway safety and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to motor carrier safety.

Performance statistics:

  • 96.4% average vehicle availability rate for non-emergency equipment
  • 96.5% average vehicle availability rate for emergency equipment
  • Fleet size 502 pieces  
  • Fleet acquisition value 31 million dollars 
  • Fleet operations budget 4.4 million dollars annually
  • Fleet processes approximately 2,200 work orders per year
  • More than 1600 (58%) of work orders are completed within 24 hours
  • Close to 75% are completed within 72 hours
  • On average 50% of all work orders are for scheduled maintenance
  • Fleet vehicles travel a combined distance of over 4 million miles per year