Boating Services

Launching Ramp

There is no charge for using the launching ramp and free daytime parking for boat trailers is available in Lot 1, east of the railroad tracks. Boat trailers parked in Lot 1 after 8:00 pm will require a parking pass issued by the Harbor Administration Office during business hours. Pay parking lot fees in the launch ramp area are $10.00 (September 16-May 14) and $15.00 (May 15-September 15) from 4:00 am to 8:00 pm, $20.00 from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am, a total of $30.00 per day (September 16-May 14) or a total of $35 per day (May 15-September 15).  A boat/RV wash down area and pumpout station is available for a nominal fee.


Slip Rental

Oceanside Harbor slips are 26, 34, 43, and 51 feet in length. Side ties and end ties are available up to 100 feet. Rental rates are $16.00/$17.50 per foot per month, with fees based upon hull length or length of slip, whichever is greater.

Commercial slips are 25' and 33' in length. Commercial Fisherman rental rates are $9.90 per foot per month. 

Slips are single and water/electric are included dockside.   

Guest boater information


There are a limited number of  liveaboard permits in the Oceanside Harbor for an additional charge of $3.80 per foot per month. There is a waitlist for liveaboard status and individuals must be a current slip permittee to apply to the waitlist.


Dinghy Racks

Dinghy racks are available for slip permittees and are $5.00 per month. Contact the Harbor Office for availability at (760) 435-4000.


Locker Rentals

Bike storage lockers and dock storage lockers are available for $20.00 per month to slip permittees only. Contact the Harbor Office for availability at (760) 435-4000.



The Harbor is served by the Harbor Unit of the Oceanside Police Department.  Sworn police officers and supervisors provide marine and land-based law enforcement services to residents, visitors and boaters 24 hours a day. Harbor Unit officers are trained in emergency medical procedures, CPR, dive rescue and salvage, boating rescues and fire fighting.  Visit the Oceanside Police website at for more information.


Yacht Club

The friendliest Yacht Club in the US invites you to join the friendliest boaters in the friendliest harbor.  We're halfway between the greater Los Angeles area and the greater San Diego area.  A convenient harbor can mean the difference between life and death, a boat on the rocks or not on the rocks, or a safe haven when the weather is bad or fuel is running low. Membership is in the under $500 range, but  hospitality and friendliness are world-class.  The Oceanside Yacht Club includes two levels of multipurpose rooms, a comfortable lounge and deck overlooking the harbor, and a dining galley.  Oceanside Yacht Club


Live Bait and Fuel

Live Bait and Fuel

Live bait can be purchased at the live bait receiver located near the fuel dock. Fuel, ice, beer, soft drinks and other provisions are available at the fuel dock.