San Luis Rey River Flood Control Project

The San Luis Rey River Flood Control Project area consists of 7.2 contiguous miles, encompassing approximately 533.4 acres, of channelized and un-channelized Reaches of the San Luis Rey River (SLRR) between the Pacific Ocean and College Boulevard in the City of Oceanside. The SLRR Flood Control Project divides the San Luis Rey River into Reaches. There are five Reaches along the Project corridor which starts at the Pacific Ocean and ends at College Boulevard. The Reaches are typically defined by major roadway crossings with the SLRR (Reaches 1, 2, 3a, 3b, and 4). The Reaches are comprised of channel and vegetation management areas.

These channel and vegetation management areas are divided into Phases. The Phases can be described as parallel strips or widths of maintained vegetation areas. There are three Phases running parallel within the five Reaches. Two of the Phases are annual vegetation management types which involve mowing, chipping, and shredding. Phase 3 consists of Rotation Areas 1 and 2 which are managed every 10 years through mowing, chipping, and shredding.

The City of Oceanside is responsible for the maintenance and operation of certain components of the Project and the Public Works Department will perform the annual vegetation management activities with in-house equipment. The intent is to mow Phases 1 and 2 annually within Reaches 1, 2, 3a, 3b, and 4 starting after September 15th and be completed by mid-November. The estimated mowing acreage is 171 acres.


See the photos below to view the process. Beginning, during, and after (respectively).