Street Sweeping

2021 Street Sweeping Holiday Schedule

2022 Street Sweeping Holiday Schedule

The City Street Sweeping program maintains the roughly 480 centerline miles of City streets removing more than 45 tons per week of debris, trash, and other harmful constituents that would otherwise pollute the environment. For example, over 1200 gallons of oil are recovered from street sweeping debris every year! Areas of the City are swept every week day to once a month according to their use.

The main emphasis of the street sweeping program is to keep the storm drain conveyance system free of material that could possibly clog and cause flooding during a rain event. Secondly is the protection of the environment. Lastly, the result is the positive aesthetic enhancement that a freshly swept street creates.

To help the program meet its goal of sweeping the street, enforcement signs are posted in all residential areas with the bi-weekly schedule for that street.  Check the signs on your street for your day/time of sweep. See our map of streets for days/times of enforcement:  Street Sweeping Zone Map.

If you have any questions regarding the street sweeping program, please call (760) 435-4500 or email

Street Sweeping FAQs

Street Sweeping