Landscape Maintenance Districts

There is a proposed Professional Services Agreement (Agreement) with NBS Government Finance Group (NBS) to complete a Comprehensive Evaluation and Financial Audit of the City’s eleven Landscape Maintenance Districts.  Approval of the Agreement with NBS will be considered by the Oceanside City Council at its meeting on Wednesday January 25, 2023.  Information about City council meetings can be obtained here.  A copy of the Staff Report can be obtained here.

During budget preparation for the 2021-22 fiscal year, City staff identified the following structural challenges related to the City’s LMDs:

  • Costs associated with the LMDs have increased since formation, particularly with respect to maintenance and operation.
  • A majority of the districts are using fund balances, rather than annual assessments, to cover operating costs.
  • Fund balances are being depleted at an unsustainable rate. 
  • Operational costs have been impacted significantly by inflation and rate increases over time.
  • Budgetary shortfalls have been addressed by using a combination of annual assessments and fund balances, along with reduction in services, to balance each district’s expenditures with the revenues that are collected.

As a result of these challenges, City staff intend to commence a three-phased approach for evaluating the future condition of the City’s LMDs. The Agreement that will be considered at the January 25, 2023 City Council Meeting will serve as Phase 1:

Phase 1 (Comprehensive Evaluation of LMDs) will entail the following scope of work:

  • Data Collection and Research
  • Document each LMD’s Financial Needs
  • Analysis of Current and Recommended Benefit Zones
  • Present Findings

Once the Phase 1 evaluation is completed, the results of the Comprehensive Evaluation and Financial Audit will be presented to City Council at a subsequent meeting.

Please note the costs of this analysis would be paid using proceeds from each district’s fund based on a pro-rata share basis determined by the number of homes within each district.  However, the cost of the NBS contract and the proposed financial review and analysis will not impact the assessment rates that you are currently paying.

For those districts that are currently unable to pay their fair share for this study, City funds will be used to pay those costs with an expectation that the City will be later reimbursed from those LMD’s annual revenues.

At this time, there are no rate increases proposed for any of the eleven LMDs.  Any future rate changes would be subject to future notification and vote by affected property owners.

 For questions relating to one of City's eleven Landscape Maintenance Districts, please contact our Customer Care team at
(760) 435-4500 or online here.