Safe Routes to School Project


Safe Routes to School is a nation-wide program that aims to create safer conditions around schools, and to encourage students, parents, and school staff to walk or bike to school. The program focuses on six main strategies: Education, Encouragement, Evaluation, Empowerment, Engineering, and Equity.

The City of Oceanside, in partnership with Oceanside Unified School District and Vista Unified School District, is kicked off its own Oceanside Safe Routes to School (OSRTS) Plan.  Be a part of the upcoming efforts to let kids live a healthy and active life!


The goal of the OSRTS program is to identify issues, and equip parents, the City, and school staff by providing various tools to address them. More specifically you will receive the following:

  • Suggested Routes to School Map: Based on your input, and what surrounds your school, OUSD/VUSD will provide Suggested Routes to School maps. These maps can help inform you on the safest routes for walking/biking to school.
  • School Site Assessment Report: Based on the walk audit and analysis by our field safety teams, the City of Oceanside will identify a set of school specific recommendations to improve safety, walkability, and bikability to and from school.
  • Safer Streets: The City of Oceanside and the school districts are committed to working together to improve safety around our schools.


Everyone has a role to play. There will be several activities organized during the 2018/2019, 2019/2020, and 2020/2021 school years, including:

  • Walk Audits: You know your school best – Come walk around your school with us, so we can understand barriers and challenges to walking and biking. School staff, parents/caregivers, and others who cannot make the walk can also fill out a survey online to help us identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Parent Surveys: Do you walk/bike to school? Whether you do or not, we want to hear about your concerns and about improvements that would make you more comfortable walking and biking on the way to and from school. Please be sure to fill out the paper or mobile survey and return it to us:
  • Community Events: Come say hello to our team at community events and share your knowledge and experience regarding safety and mobility around your school.
  • Become a SRTS Champion: Safe Routes to School will provide a better school environment and increase quality of life for everyone. We need local champions to talk about the project and play an active role to make recommendations a reality.

Spring 2021 Update

The City recently completed Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Plan.  The plan is the culmination of extensive outreach, engagement, and data collection and analysis that envisions an Oceanside where all students and their families have access to safe, convenient, and healthy modes of transportation to and from school. With funding from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program, the City of Oceanside and the SRTS Plan project teams spent more than two years developing its SRTS Plan, reviewing walking and biking conditions around 26 public elementary, middle, and high schools. The City and the SRTS Plan project team listened to school staff, parents and caregivers, residents, and students to understand mobility challenges around each school.

School Site Assessments and Walk Audits were conducted at the following schools:

  • Laurel Elementary School
  • Alamosa Park Elementary School
  • Cesar Chavez Middle School
  • Lake Elementary School 
  • Jefferson Middle School
  • Ivey Ranch Elementary School
  • Reynolds Elementary School
  • Mission Elementary School
  • Mission Meadows Elementary School
  • South Oceanside Elementary School
  • Empresa Elementary School
  • McAuliffe Elementary School
  • Libby Elementary School
  • Del Rio Elementary School
  • THE Leadership Academy
  • Madison Middle School
  • Foussat Elementary School
  • Roosevelt Middle School
  • Palmquist Elementary School
  • King Middle School
  • Lincoln Middle School
  • El Camino High School
  • San Luis Rey Elementary School
  • Mission Vista High School    
  • Nichols Elementary School

            Laurel Elementary School

            THE Leadership Academy Elementary School


For more information, please contact:

Howard LaGrange, City of Oceanside,
Kristin Haukom, OSRTS Team Leader,