Water Utilities

The Water Utilities Department is responsible for purchasing water from the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) and delivering it throughout the City for domestic, commercial, irrigation, and fire protection purposes. The City has a direct water filtration plant that treats up to 25 million gallons per day of water received from the SDCWA and a reverse osmosis plant that treats up 6 million gallons per day of local brackish groundwater from the Mission Basin. Reservoirs are maintained at levels to prevent any interruption of service to the public, and waterline repairs are made at all hours of the day or night.


The department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City’s wastewater collection and treatment facilities. This system includes over 450 miles of pipelines, two wastewater treatment plants, 34 sewer lift stations, and an industrial waste inspection program. The City’s sewage is presently treated at full secondary treatment level according to EPA standards.  The City has a goal of zero sewer spills.  The City also coordinates implementation of the Clean Water (storm water) program, recycling programs and implementation of the Waste Management contract. Our Water Conservation program educates the public on ways to save water.


News Announcements and Press Releases

August 11, 2021 - Oceanside Awarded More Than $1.06 Million for Well Expansion and Brine Minimization Project

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August 5, 2021 - Oceanside Awarded $1.7 Million for Pure Water Oceanside

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July 28, 2021 - City Launches Ratepayer Relief Program

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July 14, 2021 - 2021 Landscape Contest Winners Announced

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Current Master, Management & Strategic Plans

2020 Water Utilities Strategic Plan

The City of Oceanside Water Utilities Department (Department) initiated a strategic planning process in September 2019 to update its organizational vision and develop a framework for guiding the organization into the future. The strategic framework presented in this document will help guide investment, allocate resources, and provide a structure for annual strategy reviews to ensure that long-term goals and objectives are achieved. View the 2020 Water Utilities Strategic Plan, and watch the announcement video below!

City of Oceanside 2020 Urban Water Management Plan

City of Oceanside 2020 Water Conservation Master Plan

City of Oceanside 2020 Water Utilities Strategic Plan

City of Oceanside 2015 Sewer Master Plan

City of Oceanside 2015 Water Master Plan

City of Oceanside 2015 Recycled Water Master Plan


Looking to Report a Water Main Break, Fire Hydrant Leak, or other Issue with City of Oceanside Water?

Would you like to report a Water Emergency such as a leaking Fire Hydrant or a Water Main break?  Whether it's during the day or after hours at night, ALL issues with City water can be reported by dialing (760) 435-3900 and selecting the option for "Reporting a Water Emergency" (Option 4 during the day, Option 1 after hours).  This phone number can also be found at the top of your City Utility Bill.  Our dedicated Customer Care team will route your concern to the appropriate party so that the necessary steps can be taken based on the severity of the issue.