Water Division Overview

The Water Division is a full service organization within the Water Utilities Department which provides water treatment, water distribution, and maintenance and repair of the water distribution system.

Robert A. Weese Water Filtration Plant

Mission Basin Groundwater Purification Facility

Cross Connection Control Program


There are approximately 40 highly trained utility workers, treatment operators, and distribution operators that work a variety of schedules while ensuring around the clock coverage 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to provide high quality water at a low cost.


 The Water Division operates and maintains 12 water reservoirs, 591 miles of water lines, and 2 water treatment facilities, consisting of a reverse osmosis water purification facility and a direct filtration plant. Combined, these plants provide up to 31 million gallons of water per day to the residents of Oceanside.


The Distribution crew is responsible for maintaining operating pressures and conducting annual maintenance on our reservoirs.  They also provide new line sampling along with nearly 100 distribution samples monthly to ensure that our water meets all State and Federal health standards. The Maintenance/Construction crew is responsible for installing new water lines, servicing line leaks, and repairing water main breaks, fire hydrants, and valves.  Like the other crews, this group responds to a variety of issues no matter what time of day or how bad the weather.