Recycled Water

Recycled or reclaimed water is treated wastewater that is cleaned through multiple levels of treatment. This water is treated to strict standards and rigorously monitored by local, state and federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to ensure it continuously meets all public health and safety standards. In Oceanside, this water is used to water golf courses, parks, agriculture and street landscaping. It also serves as the source water for Pure Water Oceanside.

Although recycled water is a highly treated and regulated product, it is not treated to the same standards as drinking water delivered to homes and businesses. The City of Oceanside has 1.2 miles of recycled pipeline that distributes nearly 70 million gallons (236 acre feet) per year. The distribution system currently supplies recycled water to the Oceanside Municipal Golf Course, Goat Hills Golf Course and El Corazon Sport Complex.

The City of Oceanside is currently expanding our recycled water system in two phases. Phase 1 will add approximately seven miles of distribution pipelines, and approximately 10 miles of additional distribution pipelines will be added for Phase 2. Recycled water customers will include commercial users with significant irrigation demand for landscaping such as golf courses, HOAs, and City parks, as well as industrial and agricultural customers. City staff is contacting eligible properties to discuss connecting to these new recycled water pipelines.

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