Guajome Lake

Guajome LakeLocated in the far eastern edge of Oceanside lies Guajome Lake, a County-managed water body that is part of Guajome Regional Park. This 12-acre lake is within the San Luis Rey Watershed.  Adjacent to the Lake is Guajome Marsh, which is separated from the Lake by a stream, called Guajome Creek, which drains approximately 1,293 acres into Guajome Lake.

Guajome Lake is surrounded by marsh and riparian habitats that support various types of plant species. Over 180 bird species have been observed in the park including a few endangered bird species: the California Least Tern and the Light Footed Clapper Rail.

The areas draining runoff into the lake include a mixture of residential, commercial, agricultural and open space. Guajome Lake is being impacted by eutrophication, or having too many nutrients in the water which contribute to the overproduction of algae.

The County of San Diego is continually working to improve the health of Guajome Lake. Since 1994 the County has undertaken studies to locate and abate pollutant sources and continues to pursue methods for pollutant reduction including public education, source control, and increased inspections. A study conducted by the County of San Diego in 1994 showed that the lake receives approximately 1,041 tons of sediments annually, though the quantity could vary year to year.

Recreational activities at Guajome Regional Park include fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking, and biking. Two day use areas have playgrounds, a basketball court and lawns for picnicking and relaxing.
Public Access: The Park is accessible from the north off of Guajome Lake Road and from the south off of North Santa Fe Avenue.

Report any water running in the street when it is not raining or someone dumping something in the storm drain or curb and gutter by calling the
Urban Runoff Hotline at 760-435-4500.