Talone Lake

Talone lakeSituated between Frazee Road and College Boulevard, behind the Town Center North
Shopping Area lies Talone Lake, a 23-acre lake surrounded by isolated wetland ponds. 
Located in the San Luis Rey Watershed, Talone Lake has become an important habitat refuge for migrating wildlife and is home to several endangered species.  Created by a natural depression in the land, Talone Lake’s water is recharged primarily by urban runoff and rainfall.

Over the years, Talone Lake has gradually begun to fill and become overtaken by vegetation.  Eventually the lake will dry up, but the area will remain an undeveloped wildlife harbor full of riparian vegetation.  The Lake area is home to extensive willow, cottonwood and mule fat habitats.  Patches of isolated wetlands primarily house woodland and riparian scrub species.  In the interior portions of the Lake, bulrush continues to grow rapidly, naturally depleting Talone Lake’s water level.  Least Bells Vireo and California Gnatcatcher are the two primary endangered species sighted in the Talone Lake area.

Talone Lake does not support recreational uses by humans.  It has been preserved to solely function as a wildlife habitat for flora and fauna.

Recreational Activities: None
Public Access: None

Report any water running in the street when it is not raining or someone dumping something in the storm drain or curb and gutter by calling the
Urban Runoff Hotline at 760-435-4500.