Week 3: Water

Water is a vital resource for our planet. Our everyday actions impact the Earth’s water sources and the need to conserve its supply only grows stronger. Fortunately, there are daily steps that each of us can take to use water efficiently and protect our waterways. Join us this week in learning and celebrating the wonderful world of water!

Games & Activities

Discover Water: The Role of Water in Our Lives
A super fun way to learn about the water cycle, saving water and more.

Catch “Splash” the Raindrop in this fun online challenge! 

Tip Tank Conservation Matching Game
Play along with Thirstin as he teaches you about the water cycle. Plus, learn fun facts and complete the water word scramble.

Test Your WaterSense "Pac Man" Game
Think you know everything there is to know about water? Move the water-efficiency hero “Flo” through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions while avoiding the water-wasting monsters.

Save Plastic from the Ocean
Help our octopus and Sandy the crab remove as much plastic as possible from the ocean.

Get creative with these printable coloring sheets and a challenging maze provided by the American Water Works Association.

Check out this link for Water Science Activities from the Wyland Foundation.

Take a Virtual Dive into NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries. 

Immerse yourself in the ocean without getting wet! 

This Week’s Reads 

Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner
Grow More with Less by Vincent Simeone
The West Without Water by Lynn Ingram
Conserving and Protecting Water: What You Can Do by Stephen Feinstein
Blue Revolution by Cynthia Barnett
The Water Cycle by Maria Zappa
Marine Biome by Grace Hansen
Freshwater Biome by Grace Hansen

…And more! Search the library’s OverDrive service or the Hoopla App for additional titles. 

Water Awareness Poster Contest

Are you a fourth grader in the Oceanside? Enter your artwork in the Water Awareness Poster Contest for the chance to represent Oceanside in the 2021 North County Water Agency Calendar! This contest is an annual competition amongst fourth grade students in each of the North County water agencies’ service areas, designed to promote a regional understanding and appreciation for conserving water and using it more efficiently. Download the 2020 Water Awareness Entry Form to view contest rules and artwork guidelines. 

Entries will be accepted digitally by emailing greenoceanside@oceansideca.org. Or, mail your entry to:

Green Oceanside
Water Utilities Department
300 N Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054

2020 Earth Month Vendors

Don’t forget to explore Virtual Earth Festival Webpage! You’ll have the chance to view environmental businesses and organizations, purchase local sustainable goods, and discover resources to take your Earth Month experience to the next level.