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The City of Oceanside’s Franchise Service Provider, Waste Management, provides collection services for recycling, food scraps, and landfill material. (Green waste service is also available. Contact Waste Management for more information).  All businesses and multi-family dwellings MUST subscribe to food scraps, recycling, and landfill services – It’s the law!

Check out the City’s Business and Multi-Family Guide for information on ‘What Goes Where’ and services available for businesses.

It’s the Law: Mandatory Recycling and Food Scraps Recycling

In California, there are a number of state laws that affect the management of waste and the prevention of recyclable materials from going to landfill. Visit the State & Local Recycling Mandates webpage for further information.

Mandatory Edible Food Recovery for Grocers, Restaurants, and Food Service Facilities

SB 1383 requires cities to establish edible food recovery outreach and inspection programs, help connect mandated edible food generators with food recovery organizations/services, and ensure there is sufficient county-wide capacity for all the recovered edible food. Mandated commercial edible food generators must arrange to recover edible food, establish contracts with food recovery organizations, keep records of all edible food recovery, and submit all written agreements/contracts with a food recovery organization or service to the City each year. Learn more about requirements here.

The City and Waste Management are Here to Help!

  • Since January 1, 2020, businesses and multi-family complexes have received notification letters, emails, and phone calls to provide support, education, and cost savings opportunities while the new Food Scraps Recycling Program was introduced.
  • As of January 1, 2022, any business or multi-family complex without food scraps recycling or commingled recycling services must set up services to ensure compliance with state and local law.

  • Failure to set up these services could result in services being automatically delivered and billed accordingly for both recycling and food scraps.  For questions regarding requirements or resources, or to set up services contact Waste Management at (760) 435-5457 or via email at

Resources Available for Oceanside Businesses

The Zero Waste Technical Assistance Team is available to right-size your services for potential cost savings, as well as provide free recycling starter kits, which includes interior containers to collect recyclables, food scraps, and landfill items, as well as educational materials, signage, virtual technical assistance, and optional in-person training for all businesses.

View the below links for resources, guides, and posters available to assist you with your recycling, food scraps, and landfill needs.

Training Videos


Waste Management Contamination Monitoring Program

In November of 2021, Waste Management mailed a courtesy notice letter to all customer customers (businesses and multi-family property owners) detailing the implementation of the Contamination Monitoring Program.

As Part of Waste Management’s Contamination Monitoring Program, Waste Management drivers will be leaving contamination tags on recycling, food scraps, and green waste bins if there appears to be over 20% contamination. Two emails will be sent to the email on file for commercial customers.  

Additionally, each commercial customer may receive up to two courtesy contamination notifications each calendar year. Any contamination occurrences after the second courtesy notification may be subject to a contamination charge by Waste Management.

Please contact Waste Management at or (760) 439-2824 with any questions.

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