For Multi-Family Residents & Property Owners

Apartment, Condo, and Multi-Family Collection

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in Your Multi-Family Home

The City of Oceanside’s Franchise Service Provider, Waste Management, provides collection services for recycling, food scraps, and landfill material. (Green waste service is also available. Property owners can contact Waste Management for more information).  With your help and proper use of your carts and services, recycling is simple and easy.

Check out the City’s Business and Multi-Family Guide for information ‘What Goes Where’ and  FREE services available for residents.

For Renters

Contact Your Property Manager About:

  • Illegal dumping on premises
  • Missed collection
  • Overflowing dumpsters, bins, and carts
  • Broken or missing dumpsters, bins, carts, and locks
  • Graffiti
  • Service frequency

Click the Below Links to Learn More About FREE Services Available For Residents:

For Multi-Family Property Owners

Commercial Service

Visit the Commercial Business page for information on available services and assistance with ensuring you have the most cost effective set up for your multi-family residents.

The Business and Multi-Family Guide also has information on how to order locks, how to schedule an annual bin cleaning, how to schedule graffiti removal, and more.

Oceanside Solid Waste and Recycling Rates

Click here for service related current rates and fees.

Technical Assistance

The City and Waste Management provide FREE technical assistance and training to all commercial businesses and multi-family customers at no charge. This includes in person site visits, virtual training, assistance with contamination mitigation, signage for your enclosures, recycling and organic containers, and right-sizing for potential cost savings. Email for further information.

Multi-Family “New Move In” Kits

While supplies last, you can email to receive a set of “New Move-In Kits” for your multi-family residents. These kits may include a reusable recycling bag, a food scraps kitchen caddie, Business and Multi-Family Guide, and more while supplies last.

Waste Management Contamination Monitoring Program

In November of 2021, Waste Management mailed a courtesy notice letter to all businesses and multi-family property owners detailing the implementation of the Contamination Monitoring Program.

As Part of Waste Management’s Contamination Monitoring Program, Waste Management drivers will be leaving contamination tags on recycling, food scraps, and green waste bins if there appears to be over 20% contamination. Two emails will be sent to the email on file for commercial customers.  

Additionally, each commercial customer may receive up to two courtesy contamination notifications each calendar year. Any contamination occurrences after the second courtesy notification may be subject to a contamination charge by Waste Management.

Please contact Waste Management at or (760) 439-2824 with any questions.

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Waste Management Customer Service

(760) 439-2824

The City's Zero Waste Team

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