Residential Curbside Solid Waste & Recycling

Residents: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at Home 

Oceanside automated trash and recycling services provide enhanced convenience for residents while increasing recycling capabilities. With your help and proper use of your carts– gray for trash, blue for recycling and green for yard waste collections – recycling is simple and fast. These carts can easily be rolled to the curb, hold more mixed recyclables like cardboard, bottles, cans, and paper, and help move our community one step closer to its Zero Waste goals.

Please read our Residential Zero Waste Guide to learn all about the City’s Zero Waste goals, how to properly sort your materials, and all the services available to you within the City of Oceanside.

Holiday Schedule


Memorial Day 5/30/22 (Monday): One-day delay

Independence Day 7/4/22 (Monday): One-day delay

Labor Day 9/5/22 (Monday): One-day delay

Thanksgiving Day 11/24/22 (Thursday): One-day delay 


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – Helps you pick your cart size

The enhanced services provide you with several options to reduce your trash cart size and to recycle. The different options in recycling carts and green waste carts make it easier than ever to recycle. The blue recycling carts allow you to place all of your recyclables in one convenient container, and can include materials like bottles, cans, plastics, paper and cardboard. The simplest way to reduce your trash cart collections is to utilize your blue recycling cart and green waste cart as much as possible.

What goes in each cart?

Please review our Where Does It Go insert to learn about what goes in each cart. Feel free to print this insert and pin it up by your new trash and recycling carts. The amount of materials that can be recycled greatly outweigh the materials being sent to the landfill, helping our community save precious natural resources.

Overage and Contamination Guidelines 

All waste and recycling must be segregated into the appropriate cart, and all material must fit into the cart with the lid closed. Loose bags, cans, materials or crates are not permitted at curbside for pick up.
If one or more of your carts are identified as overloaded, or trash is mixed with recycling or green waste resulting in contamination, you will receive a notice of non-collection and collection will not be made. Residents will be required to clean trash out of recycling and green waste carts, and/or offload the overfilled material and place the carts out for collection on the following week.

If a cart is tagged for non-collection on three or more occasions during a 12-month consecutive period because of overfilling or contamination, your service may be automatically changed to a larger cart size and a higher fee charged.
Keep the Lid on Your Carts

Please review the following Cart Guidelines to learn important tips about proper placement at the curb. Placement at the curb and spacing (2 feet min.) is extremely important to ensure proper and safe servicing. If curb space is not available, consider placing your carts at the end of your driveway on the street during your service day.

Green Waste Carts 

Green waste carts are available in all three sizes:  35 gallons, 64 gallons, and 96 gallons. Residents may receive up to two green waste carts as part of their regular monthly service for no additional charge. For homes with average size lots, the small or medium carts are recommended. For homes with large lots and extensive landscaping, the largest cart may be most suitable. Please remember green waste recycling is key toward meeting our State diversion mandate and our City’s Zero Waste goals.

Please feel free to call Waste Management’s Customer Service line at (760) 439-2824.