For Residents

Single-Family Residential Curbside Collection

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at Home with Oceanside’s Fantastic Three!

The City of Oceanside’s Franchise Service Provider, Waste Management, provides automated curbside collection services for recycling, green waste, and landfill material. With your help and proper use of your carts and services, recycling is simple and easy.

 Step 1) Green Oceanside Recycle Smart Tool

Not sure what goes where? The Recycle Smart Tool can tell you how something can be reused, repaired, donated, recycled, or disposed of. Simply click here, and type the item you are trying to recycle in the box! 

Step 2) Resident’s Guide to Zero Waste

Check out the City’s Resident’s Guide to Zero Waste for more information about ‘What Goes Where’ and  FREE services available for residents.

 Holiday Schedule (One-Day Delay for Residential Customers)

If your normal service day occurs on or after an observed holiday, your service day will occur one day later that same week. Please see below for the list of  observed holidays. Please note: If a holiday lands on a weekend (Sunday or Saturday), there are NO DELAYS.

Oceanside’s Fantastic Three Cart Sizes

Oceanside residents have various size options to choose from to make it easier than ever to utilize their blue recycling cart and green waste cart, and reduce landfill collection.


Oceanside Solid Waste and Recycling Rates

Click here for service related current rates and fees.

Recycle Right and Say NO to Contaminants!

If one or more of your carts are identified as overloaded, or trash is mixed with recycling or green waste resulting in contamination, you will receive a "Notice of Non-Collection"  and your cart will not be serviced. Residents will be required to remove trash out of recycling and green waste carts, and/or offload the overfilled material and place the carts out for collection on the following week. If a cart is tagged for non-collection on three or more occasions during a 12-month consecutive period due to overfilling or contamination your service may be automatically changed to a larger cart size and your monthly bill will be adjusted.  

Free Residential Services

Click the below links to learn more about services available for both single and multi-family residents:

Donation & Landfill Curbside Pick Ups

Household Hazardous Waste


Sharps & Medication Disposal


Used Oil & Oil Filter Recycling

Oceanside Buyback Center

Food Scraps Recycling at Home