Renewable Energy

San Luis Rey Solar Panel Project

The City of Oceanside is committed to sustainability in all forms, and one of the most exciting programs involves solar power. Completed in 2013, the City’s solar energy facility produces an alternative source of energy for the San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility. The energy is green, renewable, and uninterruptable.

Sun-sational benefits include:

  • Energy - The project will produce an alternate source of energy for the facility.
  • Savings - Money saved over 20 years is $1.6 million, or more than $82,000 annually (estimated in 2012 dollars).
  • Environment - The solar-voltaic system offsets 1,339 metric tons of carbon dioxide – equivalent to gas emissions from 256 vehicles.
  • Alternate Power Source - The one megawatt solar facility produces approximately 25% of the plant power usage.
  • Community Friendly – The solar field is a friendly neighbor, requiring only minimal maintenance.

The project allows the City to have a secure energy source alternative that is below the cost spent for the same amount of energy purchased from SDG&E. The City has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement, and through the agreement will gain and own renewable energy credits. These credits allow the City to use or sell credits to businesses that need them to comply with government regulation. The future is bright in Oceanside!