Free Classes and Workshops

Free Workshops


Free Online Landscape Classes for Residents and Professionals

The Metropolitan Water District offers free low-water use landscape classes for residents and professionals at The following classes are available:

Mini on the Basics

  • 4 tutorials, 15 minutes each
  • For those new to gardening or eager to brush up on the basics
  • These short tutorials cover the key points of water-wise gardening

In-Depth for Home Gardeners

  • 4 tutorials, 60 minutes each
  • Residential gardeners can dig into these more detailed tutorials on water-wise gardening

Professional Landscape Maintenance tutorials

  • 4 tutorials available
  • If you landscape for a living, update your knowledge on landscape irrigation systems, fine tuning the controller, irrigation scheduling considerations, and much more.

Seminarios Profesionales de Mantenimiento de Paisaje - Ahora en español

  • Si usted trabaja en mantenimiento de jardines, actualice su conocimiento en sistemas de riego, en ajustar el controlador, en el plan de riego, y mucho más.