Rebates, Programs and Incentives

There has never been a better time to save water!  With a vast array of financial incentives, making upgrades around your home can lower your monthly bills and help contribute to water savings in California! 

Residential Rebates

While Southern California’s population and economy continue to grow, its water supply doesn’t. In the next 15 years, our region is expected to gain as many as 2.6 million new residents. That’s almost like having everyone in the state of Kansas move west. Meeting this future demand is what we are hard at work on every day.

Funding for the SoCal Water$mart program is through a partnership between the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) and its 26 member agencies throughout Southern California. Their commitment to developing an affordable balance between supply and demand has made “finding” water a mission. Learn more about the residential rebate programs available by visiting the SoCal Water$mart website.

Indoor Rebates

High-Efficiency Clothes Washers

Rebates start at $85 per eligible model.

Premium High-Efficiency Toilets (PHETs)

Rebates start at $40 for qualified toilets

Outdoor Rebates

 Weather-based Irrigation Controllers (WBICs)

 Rebates start at $80/controller (<1 acre of landscape), $35/station (>1 acre landscape)

 Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

 Rebates start at $2/nozzle; minimum quantity is 30 nozzles


Rain Barrels & Cisterns

Rebates start at $35 per barrel (up to 2) or $250-$350 for a cistern (depends on gallon capacity)


Soil Moisture Sensor System

Rebates start at $80/controller (<1 acre of landscape), $35/station (>1 acre landscape)

Turf Replacement Program

Rebates available for up to $3/sq. ft


Commercial Rebates

Rebates are currently available for premium high-efficiency toilets, urinals, irrigation controllers, sprinkler nozzles, food equipment and more! Click on the links below for more information and to view the full list of the available commercial rebates, visit the SoCal Water$mart Commercial Rebate page.

Commercial Device Rebates

Available for a variety of devices

Commercial and Multi-Family Turf Replacement

Save on your water bill by replacing turf with a California Friendly landscape!

On-Site Retrofit Program

Provides financial incentives to property owners who convert potable water irrigation to recycled water use

WaterSmart Contractor Inventive Program (WSCIP)

WSCIP is a large landscape and technology-focused program, which targets qualified landscape contractors and self-managed sites to help retrofit irrigation devices. This pilot program offers four water-efficient devices that are among the irrigation industry’s best management practices. Visit the WSCIP webpage for complete program details, qualifications and registration. 


Agricultural Water Management Program

WaterSmart Checkup Program: Get a FREE survey of your home or business to check for water-saving opportunities.