Water Conservation

Using water efficiently is a way of life and an important responsibility that comes along with the benefits of living in a beautiful Mediterranean climate like Oceanside. The City of Oceanside is committed to managing our water resources efficiently and ensuring a reliable water supply for future generations.

The City's Water Conservation Master Plan was created to help the City meet its future water needs, and is the guiding document for Green Oceanside's water conservation program. The City also maintains mandatory water use efficiency measures for its customers to ensure adequate water supplies even in drought conditions.

Explore our site to view a variety of resources, programs, and events to help you use water more efficiently both indoors and outdoors.

Program Highlights


Educational Resources for Students and Teachers 

Visit the School Programs Page to view lesson pans, virtual activities and online games about the role of water in our daily lives. There are several resources available for students of all ages, as well as information for teachers about signing up for virtual assemblies and presentations for their classes.

Are you a parent or teacher of a fourth-grade student? Fourth graders in Oceanside can enter the 2021 Water Awareness Poster Contest for the chance to be win prizes and have their artwork featured in the 2022 North County calendar! Visit the School Programs Page for information on how to enter.


WaterSmart Online Portal: Usage, Alerts and More!

City of Oceanside water customers have free access to the WaterSmart web and mobile portal. WaterSmart account holders can view their water use data online and have access to features that could help them save water and money. Learn more about WaterSmart.