Coming soon… WaterSmart Meter Program!

The City of Oceanside is improving all customer water meters by installing new WaterSmart meters. This exciting modern technology is part of the City’s continuing efforts to enhance customer service, conserve water, replace aging infrastructure, be more efficient and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

The installation of WaterSmart meters will improve customers' ability to receive near real-time water consumption data through the WaterSmart customer portal. Customers who already have a WaterSmart login will be able to continue to track and view their water use in near real-time once the WaterSmart meter has been installed.

The WaterSmart Customer Portal is a free service for City of Oceanside Water Utility account holders to view their water use data online and have access to features that could help them save water and money. WaterSmart is the one-stop shop for accessing historical water use data, learning about your home’s water efficiency, and receiving personalized advice for managing your water use.

Registration is easy, in just three steps:

  1. Log on to https://oceanside.watersmart.com
  2. Enter your City of Oceanside water utility account number and your service zip code, then click “Find my Account”
  3. Personalize your account by completing the user profile

Once you log into your personalized WaterSmart portal, you will have access to the following features:

Analyze your monthly water use data in easy-to-understand graphs and charts, with data as far back as 2013
Compare your water usage to other households of similar size
Receive recommendations for increasing water use efficiency based on your home’s characteristics
Receive e-mail and/or text alerts if your water consumption indicates a possible leak
Find easy and effective tips to save water and money, with step-by-step advice
Stay up-to-date on City of Oceanside rebate programs and events
Communicate with city staff through the messaging tool


WaterSmart FAQ

How can I use this site?

This site helps you understand how you use water and offers customized recommendations for the most effective ways to save water. For example, if you use a lot of water outdoors, you will see watering tips and suggestions about plant choices.

Where does the data about my home come from?

Your water usage data, specifically your meter readings, comes directly from your water utility account. We add in publicly available information, like weather data, to build a better picture about your home's circumstances and water needs. Lastly, you can add in details about your home, by updating your Household Profile, to get better recommendations.

What is the Household Profile?

The Household Profile is a set of questions that you can answer to describe your household's unique characteristics and water needs. Answering the questions in the Household Profile allows us to compare you to other households with similar characteristics. It also helps us more accurately estimate how much water you use in different parts of the house.

If you tell us the number of people living in your home and the age of your showerheads, for example, we can estimate how much water you use in your shower and how much you might save by upgrading to a more efficient model.

To get to your Household Profile, simply find it as a menu item in the “Household” menu, which is available at the top-right of the site.

What is GPD?

Gallons Per Day. Your water use is presented in the number of gallons used per day because it’s typically the easiest unit for people to envision and provides the best metric for comparison. Other common but less easily understood measures of water consumption are Gallons Per Capita Per Day (GPCD), Units or CCF (both equal to 748 gallons).

Why am I being compared to my neighbors? Exactly which neighbors are they?

To put your water use in context, we show you the amount of water used by 'Average Households' and 'Top 20%'. Since a large family living in a house with a large landscaped yard will nearly always use more water than a single person living in small apartment or condominium, we compare you to similar-sized homes in your community with roughly the same number of occupants.

Answering the questions in your Household Profile helps us match you up with other households most like yours.

How accurate are the charts and savings estimates?

With the exception of aggregate water usage, which is taken directly from readings of your water meter, most of the charts and savings estimates are simply that – estimates. Without a thorough analysis and site audit, it is nearly impossible to accurately estimate how much water is used in each area of your home—but we get pretty close!

We use the data you have provided in your Household Profile, along with past usage data and industry studies of water use to derive the charts and water-saving recommendations on our site. Use these estimates to identify the top uses of water in your home and the changes you can make that will have the biggest impact on your water use.

How are the savings amounts for water-saving actions calculated?

Based on the information in your Household Profile and other data sources, we estimate how much water you use today in various areas of your home. For many water-saving actions, we’ve established a savings formula that allows us to then forecast your potential gallons per day and annual dollar savings.

What can I do to improve the accuracy of the recommendations and projected savings?

Simply complete your Household Profile and you’ll give the recommendation engine all it needs to produce improved suggestions.

How can I use the My Actions page?

My Actions keeps track of the water-saving actions you’d like to implement. With the goal of making it as easy as possible for you to complete water-saving actions, you’ll find lists for your “started” and “saved” actions. We may send you reminders or helpful hints if you need extra help. Your “completed” actions list helps you quickly see the changes you’ve made and how they’ve reduced your water use.

Who do I contact if I have a question about aspects of this site?

Please use the “feedback” button on the left side of the page to send us your question. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who do I contact if I have a question about my water service or my water bill?

Please contact Customer Service at the City of Oceanside at (760) 435-5850 or watersmart@oceansideca.org.