Commercial Kitchen Grease Control

Approximately 60 percent of all sewer blockages are caused by grease in the system. Oil and grease will solidify as soon as they hit cold water in the sewage pipes and can cause a blockage. These blockages can result in raw sewage spilling into our waterways and ocean. Even mixing grease with warm soapy water doesn’t prevent clogs.

The City has adopted Ordinance 07-OR0021 (490 KB) regulating commercial kitchen grease disposal. However, a review of those areas that do experience blockage problems reveals that many of them are in residential areas. Residents should also use proper grease disposal techniques as follows:

  • Never put any kind of grease or oil, whether it’s frying oil, salad oil, cooking grease or motor oil, into the sewage system by dumping it down the sink, in a toilet or into a storm drain.
  • Put excess cooking oil or grease into a container and throw it into the trash.
  • Wipe out greasy pots and pans with a paper towel before washing them.
  • Don’t use the garbage disposal to grind fat trimmings – wrap them up and put them into the trash.
  • Recycle used motor oil.