San Luis Rey Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Department's Wastewater Division collects, treats and disposes of all of the city's sewage at the San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility and La Salina Wastewater Treatment Plant. All sewage is treated to levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The San Luis Rey facility, constructed in 1972, treats wastewater to the secondary level by conventional biological treatment followed by clarification.  San Luis Rey treats wastewater from the areas east of I-5, and also treats wastewater from the Rainbow Municipal Water District and a portion of the City of Vista. The plant discharges treated effluent through the Oceanside Ocean Outfall.

The San Luis Rey facility also further treats wastewater to produce recycled water. The facility sends treated wastewater through additional filtration and disinfection which allows the water to be used to water golf courses, parks and street landscaping. The recycled water also serves as the source water for Pure Water Oceanside which will create a local supply of high-quality drinking water for Oceanside. Learn more about Pure Water Oceanside.

San Luis REy Wastewater Treatment Plan