WaterSmart Meter Program

Bringing Smart Technology to Water Meters

The City of Oceanside is improving all water customer meters by installing new WaterSmart meters. This exciting modern technology is part of the City’s continuing efforts to enhance customer service, conserve water, replace aging infrastructure, be more efficient and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

WaterSmart Meter Benefits

Currently, water meters are manually read by City of Oceanside staff once a month to obtain customer water use readings. The new WaterSmart meters provide remote updates on an hourly basis. Customers will have 24/7 access to this near real-time data, allowing you to view your water usage at any time and monitor use to more quickly identify the possibility of leaks and opportunities to reduce your water usage. This will also provide increased billing transparency to all our customers.


Virtual Webinar

A virtual community workshop was held on March 9 to provide information and offer an opportunity to ask questions. Click here to view the video of the entire workshop.

Notifying Customers of Installation

Customers will receive a notice before an installation occurs describing the project, what to expect and who to contact for more information. To receive an email notification, please sign up for WaterSmart now to receive updates on their installation schedule. All properties will be informed with a door notice prior to installation and after the upgrade has occurred.

Making it Easy to Track Water Use

The City offers a free online water management tool called WaterSmart. Water customers can track and view their water use via internet or a smartphone app, sign up for leak detection alerts and much more by enrolling in the City’s customer WaterSmart portal. Customers don’t have to wait for their WaterSmart meters to be installed to sign up for WaterSmart. Sign up today!

What Customers Get

The combination of WaterSmart meters and the WaterSmart management tool provides a powerful resource to water customers with these benefits:

  •  24/7 Access
  • Near Real Time Water Use Monitoring
  • Review Water Use Trends
  • Receive Potential Leak Alerts 
  • Avoid Unintentional High Water Consumption
  • Access Water Saving Rebates
  • Learn About Water Efficiency Programs

Installation Timing

The multi-year project is currently in the planning phase with a project kick-off scheduled for mid-2020 and project completion in 2023. More than 44,000 WaterSmart meters will be installed throughout the City.

Installation will occur in phases and customers will be informed before work begins at their location.



Informational Materials

WaterSmart Meter Program - FAQ

WaterSmater Meter Fact Sheet