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OFD Rescues Horse

On November 20, 2015, Oceanside Fire Engine 2115 responded to an animal rescue at 1677 Mission Meadows Drive. When the engine company arrived on scene, they found a horse lying on its side, stuck in mud and unable to move. The horse’s name is Dakota, a rescue Mustang off of BLM land. He  got out of his pen and wandered the property for the night.  He managed to get stuck in the mud from what used to be an irrigation pond.  All night, he struggled in the mud and was exhausted.  He was found the next afternoon when the trainers were doing their feedings.  Engine 2115 ( Captain Rehberg, Engineer Miller and Firefighter/ Paramedic  Neilson) put into service a 3:1 mechanical advantage rope system with a firehose sling.  It took one hour for the horse to be pulled to safety.  Dakota was cold and tired but uninjured. The horse’s owner and trainers were overcome with emotion and were very thankful for the assistance and a great job by the crew from the OFD.