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Fire Prevention Through Weed Abatement

The Oceanside Fire Department would like to remind property owners that proper weed abatement is a property owner’s responsibility.  As your partner in public safety, the Oceanside Fire Department offers the following tips:

1.  Create a defensible space around your home totaling at least 100 feet by removing all dead and dying vegetation within that space.

2.  Provide a minimum space between vegetation that is three times the dimension of the tree.

3.  Use fire resistant landscaping such as succulent, flower beds and rock in a 30 foot diameter around your home.  Remove leaves from your yard and rain gutters; trim low hanging tree branches at least ten feet from your chimney.

4.   When using power equipment, remember to use them before 10:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. to reduce the risk of starting a fire, especially on windy, hot dry days.  Remove rocks or debris before operating power equipment.  Clear dead and dying vegetation all year round.

The City of Oceanside Code Enforcement Division may send notices to owners requiring the removal of overgrown vegetation.  If you receive a notice, please clear your property of weeds by the compliance date.  If you do not clear the violation, you may be fined. Complaints of properties in need of weed abatement can be reported by emailing, by calling (760) 435-4500, or by getting the free “My Oceanside” City app and reporting issues 24/7.

Remember, together, we are all partners in public safety.



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