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Local Coastal Program Survey


The City of Oceanside has initiated an update of its Local Coastal Program (LCP). In support of this effort, the City is seeking input from residents and other stakeholders. 

The California Coastal Act requires that all coastal jurisdictions in the state adopt a Local Coastal Program (LCP) to ensure local implementation of Coastal Act priorities, which include protection of coastal resources, preservation/enhancement of public access to the shoreline, and provision of adequate recreational amenities, visitor-serving commercial goods and services, and reasonably-priced overnight accommodations.

The survey conducted at the February 19 community workshop is now available.  The survey asks participants to share their thoughts on how the City should plan for sea level rise and associated coastal hazards.  Those who were unable to attend the February 19 community workshop are  encouraged to respond to the survey, which will remain open until April 15.  Input received through the survey will inform the preparation of the Draft Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan.

For more information, please visit the project webpage.