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2018 Oceanside Water Quality Report

The City of Oceanside is pleased to announce the release of its 2018 Water Quality Report. This report shows that the City system continues to meet or exceed all state and federal drinking water standards. City staff collects water quality samples to test for over 90 different substances throughout the year to ensure that the City’s drinking water meets the highest standards for quality and safety. Samples from drinking water plants and in the City’s distribution system were analyzed and reported in the 2018 Water Quality Report. “Oceanside’s drinking water is closely monitored to ensure the highest quality of water is delivered to our customers,” said Water Utilities Director Cari Dale. “Our highest priority is delivering safe and reliable water.”

The Report also includes information on the City’s Water Sources, important health information, and source water assessment summaries. Information on total coliform, fluoride, and lead is also included. The 2018 water monitoring in the City did not detect lead and is compliant with lead regulations. The report contains information about the results of analytical tests of the drinking water quality and how these results compare to state and federal standards.

The full report is online at where it can be viewed online or printed. The report is also available at the Water Administration counter at City Hall South. A copy can also be requested by emailing or calling (760) 435-5800.

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