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Measure X Update

December 20, 2019

Oceanside voters approved Measure X on November 6, 2018. Measure X increased the sales tax rate by ½ percent. This went into effect April 1, 2019. The ½ percent sales tax revenue is slated for enhanced police and fire services, improved infrastructure and roads, and homeless assistance.

The City Council appointed a Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) on February 6, 2019. The COC has met several times to review the spending plan.


PUBLIC SAFETY: A portion of Year One Measure X revenue is going towards the Oceanside Fire Department’s new Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program. Oceanside Fire has hired 29 new EMTs (full and part-time). The new EMTs handle Basic Life Support medical aid calls and transports. The Fire Department has also ordered an additional ambulance for this use. This allows current staff to be redeployed, puts an additional Fire Engine in service, reduces response times, and optimizes the medical aid that residents receive.

The Oceanside Police Department also established an additional Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) with the Measure X revenue. This funds two additional police officers and a vehicle. The tax revenue additionally provides other OPD officers to engage in crime suppression focused on downtown and transient/homeless issues throughout the City. Along with the OPD HOT, the funding allows for a contract Social Worker to engage homeless individuals. The Social Worker links people to services they may need, such as mental health treatment and housing opportunities.

Measure X revenue is also addressing homelessness prevention by funding emergency rent in some cases.  Funding is used for security deposit and first/last months’ rent, and bridge housing. Measure X revenue also goes toward reuniting homeless people with family members in order to rehouse them.  Additional homeless resources

INFRASTRUCTURE: Measure X revenue is funding improvements to the City's infrastructure. A new, modern Fire Station will be constructed  downtown.  The current Fire Station 1 was built in 1929, requires seismic upgrade, and does not accommodate the latest fire apparatus. Design work, including plans and specifications, is anticipated to be completed in Year 1 with partial funding from Measure X and the balance funded with City Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funds. Construction is planned to be complete in 2022. City staff will also pursue outside funding to supplement Measure X.

The Oceanside Fire Department training tower and drafting pit will be completed with Measure X funding. Tower foundation design and tower construction agreements were executed in October and November 2019. Tower construction is anticipated to be completed in July 2020.  This keeps our Fire personnel training in the City, ready for emergencies, instead of traveling outside of City limits to train.

The current Oceanside Police Department headquarters on Mission Avenue was sited in 1997 as an "interim" facility. Measure X allocates funding to study options for expansion/relocation to meet current and projected police needs. 

Measure X revenue was originally earmarked for the Beachfront Improvement Project, including a Police Substation. But in the interim, the City was awarded a State Grant of $8M to fund the bulk of this exciting project. This shovel-ready project renovates the Historic 1930’s Era Bathhouse to house a police substation and includes a new City Services building with a 14 stall public restroom, and office, garage and storage space for beach services. Additional project components include improvements to the plaza area, stairways, pathways and landscaping, and a sewer lift station. The Measure X revenue originally slated for this project may be rolled forward into Year Two's spending plan with City Council approval.

The iconic Oceanside Pier will also benefit from Measure X revenue. The concrete portion of the pier, known as the Pier View Bridge, was constructed in 1927 and does not meet current seismic codes. A study was completed, and the next step is preliminary engineering design in FY 2019-20. The estimated cost to replace or rehabilitate the bridge ranges from $17M to $26M and will be budgeted from Measure X in future years. City staff will also pursue outside funding to supplement Measure X for this project.

ROAD WORK: The City invests approximately $7M annually in pavement management, including overlays, slurry seals and rehabilitation projects. However, this funding level is not adequate to maintain the current pavement condition. Over $2.5 million in Measure X revenue will be used for road repairs in Oceanside this fiscal year. Bids are going out in February and March for the work. Along with slurry seals and overlays, the concrete surface of The Strand south of the Pier to the southerly limits is in poor condition and is impacted from ocean water flooding during high tides. Rehabilitation of this road is expected to cost $3.6M and the Spending Plan funds a Project Study Report to evaluate existing conditions and develop design alternatives as the first phase of the project in FY 2019-20.

You may find information on the complete Year One Expenditure Plan, Citizen Oversight Committee meeting information, and a history of Measure X on the City's Measure X webpage.