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New County Health Order: April is the Time to Flatten the Curve

April 2, 2020

April is Critical Time to “Flatten the Curve”

The City of Oceanside wants to emphasize how critical it is that we collectively follow the stay at home order, except for essential needs, throughout the month of April. If you do need to go out for groceries/supplies, here are some tips for protecting yourself and others while picking up what you need. Taking breaks outside for air and exercise is fine, but that means avoiding any unnecessary travel to do so. Take a walk or run in your own neighborhood, while maintaining physical distance from others. There are no group activities. Many activities at home are listed by age at living well at home.


County leaders are encouraging residents to start wearing facial covering when going out to shops, in addition to continuing to practice social distancing and hand washing. They are also updating their public health order to include mandatory facial covering for all employees that deal with the public, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies. This order will take effect April 4 at midnight. The facial coverings for residents or essential businesses don’t need to be medical masks. They can simply be a bandana, a scarf, or a turtleneck pulled up over your mouth and nose. County officials also want essential businesses to outline how they will enforce social distancing. Stores must prepare and post their sanitation and social distancing guidelines for the public by April 7. More here.

The County will enforce penalties against businesses not following health orders and that residents should call 211 or visit to report a business not in compliance.


San Diego County has secured 2,026 hotel rooms throughout the County to isolate people who have potential COVID-19 symptoms and people who are vulnerable and have no place to live. Of the 1,585 rooms for County Public Health Services use, 102 are occupied. Of the 441 rooms assigned to the Regional Task Force on the Homeless, 183 are being occupied by 306 people who are at higher risk of developing complications from COVID-19. The Oceanside Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) travels alongside a Social Worker, and the County has supplied a Public Health Nurse to screen people for any symptoms and provide sheltering options for vulnerable people who may be impacted.


The Oceanside City Council held a Special Meeting April 1 to discuss an item introduced by Councilmember Christopher Rodriguez outlining a proposed Micro Loan Program for Oceanside businesses affected by COVID-19 regulations. The Council recognizes that many Oceanside businesses are experiencing substantial loss of income related to this pandemic and the City has launched an Economic Recovery Task Force. A motion was made to direct City staff to develop a loan program to provide short-term gap funding until federal funding becomes available to businesses. The motion was approved 5-0, and direction was made to bring this item back for consideration at its April 22, 2020 regular meeting at 5:00 p.m. Other City actions here.


Thank you to the wonderful community members that are checking in on elderly neighbors and coming together in this time of need. It’s important to keep your spirits up and recognize that everyone of us is in this together. Before you know it, this crisis will be behind us. We recognize that many of our residents and businesses are suffering. Check for local food, financial assistance and loan resources on the City webpage: Check back often, as they’re updated each day.