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Oceanside COVID-19 Update

April 21, 2020

Oceanside is responsible for implementing the directives provided by the County Public Health Officer and Governor. These directives include the Stay at Home Order, list of essential businesses, and actions such as prohibiting water activities such as surfing and recreational boating.


The County announced they could loosen restrictions in May.  Last week, Governor Newsom listed the six things public health officials will be looking at when considering when to modify the Stay at Home Order. He announced that modifications to the Stay-at-Home Order will be done using a gradual, science/data-driven framework with:

  • Testing and tracking
  • Prevention measures in people who are at risk for more severe COVID-19
  • Ensuring health care capacity
  • Developing treatments that show promise
  • Getting spaces ready to reopen in new ways to support physical distancing
  • Early warning system in place to reinstate certain measures if necessary

The progress in “flattening the curve” and the effects of other COVID-19 interventions have had positive results. But these actions have impacted the economy, poverty levels, and have devastated our small businesses. The City of Oceanside’s Recovery Team started work almost immediately after this health crisis began. The group is looking at ways to boost vital sectors of our community, along with social recovery and City finance stabilization. Their work will focus on ways to safely and strategically transition from disaster response to economic recovery. The Governor also announced the formation of a Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery. The group will work on actions to help Californians recover as fast as possible from the COVID-19 induced recession, with a focus on those hardest hit by the pandemic.


The San Diego County Public Health Officer issued an amended Order on April 3 that prohibits all water activity, including surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, and recreational boating. Additionally, the statewide Stay at Home Order is still in effect. The Public Health Officer indicated the County will lift portions of the local Health Order in phases and will follow federal and state guidelines, considering the local COVID-19 situation.  They announced yesterday this could happen in May.

Oceanside is working with other coastal cities on reinstating access consistently in the region when the Public Health Orders are lifted. We recognize the importance of our beaches for exercise, fresh air—and even mental wellness. Keep in mind that the trails and parks in your neighborhood are still open for a stroll or a run.


As sectors reopen in phases, we may see some differences for a while. The Governor indicated that restaurants will likely reopen with fewer tables to minimize spreading infection. Face coverings will continue to be common in public. Classrooms will be reconfigured. Parking lots in recreational areas may open in phases to minimize crowding.


Confirmed cases in the City are at 53 today. Our hearts are with all community members suffering from this illness, and the 72 families that have lost loved ones in our County.

Thank you for the measures you are taking to prevent the spread in our community.  Daily case reports for Oceanside, San Diego County, and statewide may be found on the City’s dedicated COVID-19 webpages


The California Department of Public Health announced yesterday that they are committed to rapidly expanding testing across California, ensuring that more Californians get tested. Testing for COVID-19 infections and antibody testing is becoming more readily available at hospital, academic, commercial, and public health laboratories across California.

San Diego County has had testing available for first priority groups like those in the hospital, healthcare workers and first responders.They announced that additional groups that will be a priority for COVID-19 testing include people who are homeless, people in long-term care facilities and other vulnerable populations. Testing Information

In Oceanside, County Public Health Nurses are traveling along with the City’s two Homeless Outreach Teams to screen homeless individuals for symptoms and offer temporary shelter in motel/hotel rooms across the state.Aside from this effort, coined “Project Room Key, the City of Oceanside has invested in many different types of services for homeless residents. Learn more.


The Governor announced Thursday that company workers at large grocery stores, fast food chains, and delivery drivers will now have two weeks of supplemental paid sick leave if they are subject to a quarantine or isolation order or medical directive.  The Order also calls for increased hand-washing measures at food facilities to increase consumer protection.  This Order aims to fill the gap left by the federal government’s stimulus bill, which guaranteed paid sick leave for businesses that employ fewer than 500 people and an exemption for businesses with fewer than 50 employees.


Those financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are asked to check the City’s webpage for resources in our community.  New measures for assistance are added each day.


Sign up for City updates here.  Visit the City’s dedicated COVID-19 pages for confirmed cases and news.  Sign up for County COVID-19 texts here


This beautiful sign made by a resident of Marjorie Street.  We echo their gratitude!  We also want to thank the many community members and businesses that have donated items such as hand sanitizer and face coverings for our public safety personnel.  Find some heartwarming community inspiring stories here.