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Chief of Police Message to the Community

May 30, 2020

Dear Oceanside Residents,

The events surrounding the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis are some of the most alarming and upsetting circumstances that I've seen in my 37 years in Law Enforcement. It is important to me that I let the Oceanside community know my impressions of what I saw on the video and my expectations of the men and women of the Oceanside Police Department.

I am extremely disturbed by the use of a knee and bodyweight on Mr. Floyd's neck. This is not an acceptable method of restraint and our officers are specifically taught that the neck is known to be a vulnerable area that is
to be avoided. Given that Mr. Floyd was already in handcuffs, applying force to the neck is contrary to any legitimate training.

Above all, my officers have a responsibility for the care and the well being of any person that is taken into custody. Under my leadership. I expect my officers on scene to intervene if they witness unnecessary force being used. These expectations are also reinforced in the ongoing training we provide to our officers and the policies within our department manual. For years now, our training has included de-escalation concepts and the exercise of sound judgement. I also expect my officers to treat everyone equally and with respect. I personally interview every police applicant prior to being hired and I talk specifically about my expectations of how people are to be treated in our community.

The Oceanside Police Department values its relationship and partnership with our community and it is our job to provide a sense of safety and security to those we are committed to protect. I have the utmost confidence in the training of our officers and with the leaders in my department, which continually uphold our high standards of conduct.

Please know that I acknowledge the community's sadness and outrage regarding these latest events and how it may cause you to question your trust in our profession. Our officers will continue to work hard to maintain your trust and remain steadfast in providing the level of service and protection that you expect from us.


Frank S. McCoy

Chief of Police

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