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City Launches "Hire Local" Initiative

Partnership with MiraCosta College helps Oceanside Residents

The City of Oceanside announced the launch of its Hire Local initiative, designed to stimulate economic vitality for local residents and businesses through a combination of Incentives, Development, Education, and Access (IDEA). Through this initiative, the City is working to bridge the gap between in-demand jobs and resident readiness to accelerate professional and business growth and create an economic multiplier for the City.

Research shows that bridging the economic gap is enhanced with access to education and employment. The City identified a federal grant awarded to Mira Costa college that provides free tuition for a wide range of certificate programs. The City conducted a Needs Assessment with local businesses and discovered a set of high-demand jobs that have been hard to fill because
talent is not ready on day one and on the job training slows productivity. Oceanside then worked with the College to narrow the scope of eligible certificates for its Hire Local initiative to seven certificate programs that will help students be valuable contributors for hiring companies on day one.

“With the unprecedented social and economic challenges experienced this year, we feel there’s an opportunity and obligation to align City resources and to do so with a sense of urgency to make sure our residents can access these valuable certificate programs before the grant expires” said Economic Development Manager, Michelle Geller. “Our team is uniquely capable of connecting resources that can stimulate economic empowerment for residents and businesses and we’re demonstrating our values and commitment through our Hire Local IDEA.”

The City is absorbing the College’s administrative costs to eliminate any financial barriers to building a strong talent pool that local businesses are seeking. Given that eligible students and employers are both local to Oceanside, the dollars being invested up front by the City will most likely be re-invested back into the community. “I am heartened by the approach the City of Oceanside is taking in the delivery of education opportunities for its residents” said Linda Kurokawa, Executive Director, Community Education & Workforce Development for Mira Costa College. “I hope more municipalities look to partner with education institutions like ours to facilitate economic development opportunities through education.”

The City of Oceanside has also allocated a $20,000 bonus pool for graduates who are hired by a participating local company and complete six months of successful employment.

We intend to raise awareness about the initiative to garner interest from more companies and residents, especially hard to reach populations, by reaching out to business and trade organizations, high schools, houses of worship and other community-based organizations.

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