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Get the City App - Report Issues You See

Download the free "My Oceanside" City App today!

The City of Oceanside has over 175,000 residents, many of whom travel throughout the City each day.  You serve as important "eyes" in the community.  Your effort to report graffiti, potholes, abandoned carts, and code violations helps keep Oceanside clean, safe, and efficient.

Download the free "My Oceanside" City App to instantly report issues you see around town.  It's free at the Apple or Andriod stores by simply searching for "My Oceanside."

The My Oceanside City App automatically notes location of issue, and you can add a photo to help staff find the problem.  Your report gets seamlessly routed to the correct department to handle, and you are notified upon completion. Click, done!

Additional ways to report problems or issues are by phoning the City at (760) 435-4500 during normal business hours or by emailing


*  2022: The app has been updated.  If you are experiencing issues with the My Oceanside app, here's a fix:

  • For iPhone users: An updated iOS app is now available. Please upgrade to version 4.3.0 from the Apple Store.
  • For Android users:  Clear the app's storage/data, then relaunch the app and log back in.  

1.  Settings > General > Apps & Notifications

2.  Tap App Info > My Oceanside

3.  Tap Storage > Clear Data > OK

4.  Relaunch app and log back in