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City Council District 1 Vacancy Update

Oceanside began the transition to City Council District elections in 2018 with Districts 1 and 2, and completed the transition in 2020 with Districts 3 and 4. Previously, District 1 was represented by Esther Sanchez, who was elected Mayor in November 2020, creating a vacancy in District 1.

At its December 16, 2020 meeting, the City Council directed the City Clerk’s Office to accept applications to fill the vacancy. Applications were accepted until January 8, 2021 and may be viewed on the City website:

On January 20, the City Council voted to interview District 1 applicants at a Council Workshop on January 27 at 2:00 p.m. The Workshop may be viewed live on KOCT Cox channel 19 or live streamed via KOCT's website. Details: