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OPD Officers Bring a Peaceful Conclusion To Tense Standoff

At 10:45 am on Sunday, August 28, 2022, Oceanside Police responded to a home on the 100 Block of Ely Street regarding a domestic violence incident. While responding officers were notified that there were several residents including children in the home and the suspect was armed with a knife. As officers arrived on the scene, the suspect exited the house with a knife and walked toward the officers. When officers made attempts to safely detain the suspect, he attempted to run back into the residence, where the victims were believed to be. Officers deployed bean bag rounds to divert the suspect from the residence. The suspect ran and hid in a garage area that has no connecting doors to the interior of the residence.  Officers used this opportunity to immediately enter the residence and ensure all victims were removed from the area and brought to safety.


Meanwhile, the suspect began stabbing the garage door with a knife and made threats to shoot officers. Officers worked to de-escalate the suspect and OPD Crisis Negotiation Team officers responded and began leading negotiations. When the suspect failed to cooperate, armed himself with a butane torch, and threatened to light the house on fire or “blow it up”, the K9 responded and deployed. Before the K9 contacted the suspect, the suspect surrendered peacefully at around 1:00 pm and was arrested without further incident.

The suspect was identified as thirty-two-year-old Rosendo Ceballos of Oceanside and was taken into custody to be booked for multiple charges including domestic violence offenses, resisting arrest, and making criminal threats.


For media inquiries regarding this incident, please contact Oceanside Police Department Public Information Officer Jennifer Atenza at (760) 277-5237 or email