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Prepare Ahead of Time for Rain Storms

Sandbags Available

Oceanside crews have been making storm preparations a priority. The clearing of storm drains is on going, and the City's emergency responders have plans in place to monitor flood-prone areas. The Public Works team will continue to evaluate streets and remove debris from roads and storm drains when the next storm arrives. The Water Utilities Department is ensuring that the City's water and sewer infrastructure is as prepared as possible for expected heavy rainfall, such as lowering the reservoir levels to ensure excess capacity.

  • If your home or business is flood-prone, pick up sandbags now, before it rains. Free sand and sandbags are offered to Oceanside residents at Moody's Recycling at El Corazon, located at 3210 Oceanside Blvd.  You fill.  Moody's sometimes has pre-filled bags available for a low fee. Video tips on filling and stacking sandbags to divert flow away from your property.
  • Sign up for mobile AlertSD phone alerts, stay tuned to TV or radio weeather updates.
  • When possible, stay off roads during heavy rain periods.
  • Never drive through a flooded area, turn around.  Stay safe!