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City Completes Digital Equity Study

October 17, 2022

Through American Rescue Plan Act funding, the City of Oceanside recently developed a Digital Equity Plan aimed at understanding and addressing the digital divide in our community.  The pandemic greatly illuminated just how essential access to the internet is for school, work, medical care, and more. To build a deeper understanding, the City conducted a data analysis and engaged community members to gain insights into the unique challenges, barriers, and opportunities related to digital equity. 

Through this Plan, Oceanside aims to strategically advance three pillars of digital equity: access to the Internet, access to digital devices, and digital literacy skills.

Access to high-speed reliable Internet

One of Oceanside’s Digital Equity Plan’s priorities is for all community members to have access to high-speed reliable internet services.  Oceanside residents and businesses are expected to benefit from a new agreement to install citywide high-speed fiber network within four years.  The City Council approved an agreement on May 4, 2022, with SiFi Networks Oceanside LLC, a company that will install the system on every public street at no cost to the City.  SiFi will invest approximately $200 million. Once the network is completed, every property that fronts a public street in Oceanside would have access to gigabyte-speed internet service.

“The agreement with SiFi Networks advances Oceanside’s Digital Equity Plan and can help attract green tech and other forward-thinking companies that need this essential service,” said City Manager Jonathan Borrego.

SiFi plans to design and install an estimated 900 miles of fiber conduit with numerous provisions to ensure that the 12” micro-trenching work involved is managed in a way that protects existing infrastructure, does not conflict with future street repair work, and is scheduled in a manner that will minimize disruption to local streets and neighborhoods.  The micro-trenching work will occur roughly where the street meets the gutter.

SiFi will own the fiber network and be responsible for repairing and maintaining it. The company then sells fiber access to internet service providers, who market their services to residents and businesses. The agreement does not require Oceanside residents or business to change their existing internet service provider, but would provide them with more and potentially higher-speed reliable choices.

“This effort includes a dedicated low-income program offering gigabyte speed fiber access at a current cost of $30 per month,” noted Mayor Esther Sanchez. “The recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law offers eligible households additional ways to reduce internet service costs through the new Affordable Connectivity Program.  We’re excited about advancing the City’s Digital Equity Plan through this and other evolving efforts.”

Access to digital devices

The Oceanside Public Library has begun a small-scale effort to provide digital devices to check out with a Library card. The Digital Equity Plan builds on this effort with a goal to expand the number and locations of availability.  The City’s three Community Resource Centers also offer free bilingual computer access and training.

Digital literacy skills

The Oceanside Public Library holds digital literacy classes weekly at its Mission Branch, located at 3861-B Mission Avenue, on most Mondays from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  Oceanside’s MiraCosta College offers free beginning classes for older adults at several locations. The Digital Equity Plan aims to expand these efforts through local collaborations and potentially through one-on-one training sessions.

The City of Oceanside is committed to bridging the digital divide to ensure that all residents have access to opportunities. The Digital Equity Plan will serve as a roadmap for policies, programs, and partnerships to further increase access to the Internet, digital devices, and digital literacy across our community.

Oceanside Digital Equity Plan