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Vote for Official City Trees

The City of Oceanside requests your input on selecting two Official City Trees. One tree will be selected from a native/ naturalized nominated list and one from an ornamental list. Citizens of Oceanside can view the photos and descriptions of the tree nominees prior to casting their votes on the City’s website.  CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Once the votes have been tallied, the City will announce the selected trees, and a proclamation presented at City Council. An Arbor Day celebration will be held by planting the two represented trees in a city park. Professional arborists, San Diego Regional Urban Forests Council, City Engineering, Public Works, SDG&E Foresters and landscape professionals will teach students, volunteers, and residents about the benefits of trees and demonstrate proper planting standards.

Arbor Day is a great annual reminder to help us to recognize the importance of what trees contribute to a community such as: increasing property value; reducing energy cost; improving aesthetics; improving quality of life; stimulating economic growth; improving environment – clean air and water; providing wildlife habitat; promoting “green” awareness and much more. The ability of trees to effectively remove pollutants from the air is widely known, but the public may be surprised to learn that 100 trees remove 21 tons of CO2, and 604 lbs. of pollutants per year, including 243 lbs. of ozone and 149 lbs. of particulates, according to the Center for Urban Forest Research.

Collaboration between municipalities, volunteers and professionals around the efforts of a forestry program result in greener, healthier communities for the common good. Active involvement in tree-planting programs has been shown to enhance a community’s sense of social identity, and teaches residents that they can work together to choose and control the condition of their environment.

Join us as we work together to make Oceanside a healthier community through education and awareness, in an effort to provide a healthier urban forest. Please cast your vote for the two “Official City Trees” by June 1, 2013.

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