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Mission Avenue Project Update

The Mission Avenue Improvement Project Downtown continues forward! On Tuesday morning, November 12, 2013, construction activities will begin to convert Mission Avenue to a one-way street westbound from Clementine Street to Coast Highway.

The first step in the one-way street conversion process is to place temporary traffic control devices, barricades and modify traffic signals along Mission Avenue from Horne Street to Coast Highway. After traffic control has been established, Mission Avenue will be a one-way street westbound. Actual construction activities will be done in phases to minimize disruption to adjacent businesses and to traffic. Phase 1 will occur in a designated area from Clementine to Ditmar Street on the north side of Mission Avenue only. It involves removal/replacement of sidewalk, curb/gutter, and asphalt.

Businesses along the north and south sides of Mission Avenue should expect street side parking to be restricted as part of the traffic control for the project. Traffic on Mission Avenue will continue to be open, and temporary access walkways to affected businesses will be provided. Informational signage will be placed along Mission Avenue to direct patrons to use side streets for parking, and to inform them businesses are still open during construction. Phase 1 construction is expected to be complete by mid-January 2014.

After Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 will move the construction activities to the west between Ditmar Street to Coast Highway on the north side of Mission Avenue. For more information on Phase 2 and the entire construction process, please the project webpage: The City will provide periodic updates on the Mission Avenue Improvement Project Downtown throughout the construction period until completion, now scheduled for mid-June 2014.

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