Measure X - Homelessness Reduction Aid

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In November 2018, Measure X proposed to raise the sales tax in Oceanside by 1/2 cent for a period of seven years to fund public safety programs, infrastructure improvements, road repairs, and aid for homelessness.  Measure X passed on November 6, 2018 by 55.7% of Oceanside voters. Starting April 1, 2019, the sales tax rate in Oceanside is 8.25% for seven years.   Measure X History and More Information

This page will highlight homelessness-related items funded by Measure X revenue to reduce and eliminate homeless in Oceanside.

The Year One budget to aid homeless efforts included:

  • The addition of a second Oceanside Police Department Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), along with a HOT van.

  • Expanded work by the OPD Crime Suppression Team to focus on homeless-related crimes.

  • A Homeless Reunification Program to assist homeless people in reuniting with loved ones who may be a distance away, using the Traveler's Aid model.

  • A Homeless Diversion / Prevention Program which includes providing assistance to move into a unit, including funding for credit checks and security deposits.

  • Bridge Housing to shelter vulnerable homeless residents (generally people with disabilities or elderly) who are in the process of obtaining permanent housing.  Bridge Housing is provided for through a contract with Interfaith Community Services.

  • A Landlord Incentive Program was developed to offer a one-time payment to landlords who rent to homeless people with Section 8 Vouchers.

  • Contract Sobering Services for a short-term spot for homeless residents to stay while sobering up and entering a longer-term addiction reduction program.  This program is budgeted for and opened in late 2020. 

The Year Two budget to aid homeless efforts included:

  • The Year Two Spending Plan was a continuation of Year One programs.  It was approved by the City Council in June 2020

  • The Oceanside Sobering Services Center was funded, opened and is operating.
  •  Year Two Plan

The Year Three budget to aid homeless efforts included:

  • The Year Three Spending Plan was a continuation of Year Two programs.  It was approved by the City Council in June 2021
  • Year Three Plan

[July 2021 note: the City Council also recently approved two major new projects to diminish homelessness in Oceanside.  Details]



Formerly homeless resident moves into Bridge Housing, March 2020 (below).