Measure X - Infrastructure

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In November 2018, Measure X proposed to raise the sales tax in Oceanside by 1/2 cent for a period of seven years to fund public safety programs, infrastructure improvements, road repairs, and aid for homelessness.  Measure X passed on November 6, 2018 by 55.7% of Oceanside voters. Starting April 1, 2019, the sales tax rate in Oceanside is 8.25% for seven years.   

Measure X History and More Information

This page will highlight infrastructure-related items funded by Measure X revenue to improve and repair public facilities.

In Year One, the Measure X infrastructure-related budget included:

  • Beachfront improvements, including a police substation, new City Services such as public restrooms, garage and storage space for beach services. Additional projects include improvements to the plaza area, stairways, pathways, and a sewer lift station— $4,500,000 - NOTE:  The City subsequently received a nearly $8 million grant from the State of California to largely fund this exciting project.  The funds originally allocated for this effort will be rolled into other approved projects.

  • Rehabilitation of the pier to meet current seismic standards— $250,000

  • Buccaneer Beach Park Facilities Study to improve the aging restrooms, picnic areas, and play areas— $360,000 - NOTE:  Construction funding for the Buccaneer Beach Park Facilities Study is postponed to fiscal year 2021-22.  The Study funded in Year One is behind schedule, so funding not needed in FY 2020/2021.

  • New Fire Station 1 and Emergency Operations Center  — $1,600,000

  • Funds for the Oceanside Fire Department training tower, drafting pit, and asphalt  — $600,000

  • Police Headquarters Expansion and Relocation Study will allow officers to move from the temporary facility and gain a department that provides the necessary equipment and meets their needs — $100,000

The Year Two Spending Plan was approved by the City Council in June 2020.

Year Two Plan

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