Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee

Staff: City Manager's Office: (760) 435-3065
Time: 2023 Meeting Schedule
Location: Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall North
Purpose: The purpose of the Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee is to review and report on the City compliance with the provisions of Measure X, particularly with respect to the City’s accounting and expenditure of Measure X revenues.

Member Roster

Name Date Appointed Term Expiration
Chad Marentette 2/23/2022 6/30/2023
Colleen O'Harra 2/6/2019 6/30/2023
Deidre Dunham 11/17/2021 6/30/2023
Jerome Kern 2/6/2019 6/30/2023
Matt Mathis 2/6/2019 6/30/2023
VACANT   6/30/2023
Stephen Leonesio 2/6/2019 6/30/2023


Measure X Citizens Oversight Committee Bylaws

More information regarding Measure X

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