GIS Division

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer based system that stores and links nongraphic information with map features to allow the end user a wide range of information processing and display operations, as well as map production, analysis, and modelling.

GIS is widely used in municipal agencies, such as the City of Oceanside, to improve decision making, service delivery and citizen engagement. GIS has become increasingly important for sharing information within the City of Oceanside by integrating data from various sources and by providing interactive and user-friendly mapping capabilities.

The GIS Division is under the direction of the Water Utilities Department in the City of Oceanside. It serves all Water Utilities Department’s employees as well as supports other departments and divisions throughout the City.

The goals and objectives of the GIS Division are:

  • Develop and maintain spatial data for the city enterprise GIS and provide spatial analysis and presentations and publications
  • Assist city staff in managing resources, assets, and in serving citizens effectively and efficiently
  • Provide powerful analytical tools that will support and/or enable effective management of the City’s infrastructure, development planning, and emergency response
  • Foster better communication and understanding of the City’s resources to City personnel, other agencies, and to the public

To see our popular GIS web map applications, please visit City GIS Maps page.

Contact Information

(760) 435-5800 (Water Utilities Department)